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"Spiced chai tea ice cream blended with a creamy caramel ribbon and miniature ginger cookies marbled with chocolate."

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Juli - 110 Rep in this Positive (Ice Cream) • 1.5k Total
Holymotherofdog. I have only had a little bit off the top of this one and I am already weak in the knees. If this actually gets better than the initial taste, I'm in a world of trouble!
For a pint of ice cream that's only $1.99, this is downright amazing. Hell, it beats out ice creams that want $7.99 a pint!! Granted, the ingredients list is something you should ignore (and the ingredients lists of those $8 pints tend to be all organic)... but YOWZA!! If you want a taste experience that will leave you begging for more, get this ice cream.
Snoqualmie needs to take lessons from Private Selection (Ralph's/Kroger) on how to put ginger cookies in ice cream. And the chai base... absolute perfection. Add to that the caramel swirl and it's a drool-inducing "axis of deliciousness!" Well-deserved 5 stars on this one!! Now excuse me whilst I meander back to my freezer...
2 years ago   •  Gallery
Juli - 110 Rep in this Positive (Ice Cream) • 1.5k Total
OK... I just had a bigger serving. So smooth and creamy. Such ginger cookie goodness. And the chai and caramel... yep, this is going to be a problem for me! It's going to take every ounce of self-control I have not to eat the rest of this all in one sitting. (Yes, I am doing two hours at Torrey Pines tomorrow!!)
2 years ago

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